Sunday, March 2, 2008

B'day party

I'm officially seveteen..
last Thursday, March 6 was my birth day .
but i celbrated on sturday , march 1.
i invited 64 of my closest friends to my fathers resturant..

I wanted this party to be perfect , so i fallowed all the needed rules..
1) the Invitation looks good - the party will be good.
2) send the invitation ASAP and ask to RSVP.

i made this invitation with a friend , printed them
and made them waterproof with a plastic covering , it turned out amazing!

3) You have to give them somthing, so i bought chocolate fingers (by merci ) and attached a thank you note.
4)I asked my friends to be my public relations people, their job was to make sure everybody knows about this party and talk about her.
5) another friend was asked to find a bad ass DJ, so she did.
6) i made the perfect menu with my mother. atleast i thught so .

I had do much fun and got some great responses.

7) After party - every good party have a great after party , so my best friend came to my house for a sleepover :)

we opened the presents and read the cards :)
we danced..

and we ate the leftovers :D

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sounds amazing