Sunday, February 17, 2008

my shoes

most of my shoes are here!
check them out!
i hate most of them , but fashion changes constantly so i keep them all!

lets start with the sneakers ..

I was a tomboy in the 7th grade , so i have alot of them ( even basketball shoes (the black ones in the bottom))..

most of them are here.. the only pair that i wear is the green ones in the first line.. the others i use when i hit the gym ( barley happens).

converse is a must !

so cheer for my pink allstar!

ballet shoes!

besides the pink ones , i wear them all!
comfortable and chick!

boots ans staff..

i don't have much to say about these,
i just love them:
definitely my favorite!
i bought them in U.O, my best buy this summer.
salsa shoes and heels from mudd!

flip flops :))

slippers :D

i deny owning those :

have a great day!


soph n terr said...

um, those red/white/pink beauties are amazing. i cannot believe you deny owning them! hahahaa you have so many shoesies!

Secretista said...

I thought I had a lot of shoes.

Ediot said...

i love your sneaker collection

Charlotte said...

Hey girl! Your shoes are so crazy...I'd like to have them all!
The flipflops with the little heart are fabulous...enjox your day!

bronwyn said...

I love converse!

Kira Fashion said...

hehehe so funny post!!!

i love converse, i have one, but when i bought i really want that model and i bought a number smaller than my feet. So, i can´t walk so much with mine, but i refuse to give it away...hehhehe

great boot, i love boots!

a kiss
thanks so much for keeping in touch,


Lotem said...

You have plenty of shoes.
And why denying owning the pink UGGs?
They're adorable, I feel like hugging them.

Katelin said...

I love love love all of your flats, they are so cute. I really need to up my shoe count.

Aisha said...

you have quite a big collection of shoes!

I love your boots, you have excellent taste on them!

MaryMary-Jane said...

thx for the advices i will be in tel aviv tomorrow so i l try to go shopping because of the little time i have and of course i whant to make sightseeing...
thx a lot

miss_vogue said...

some of these shoes here are soo adorable!