Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spongebob Squarepants

Day time :
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Shirt, NYC. Sweatshirt, Adidas. Pants, Gap(MD). Shoes, Charlotte Russe(MD). Ring + Necklace, my mothers.

Night time :

My Girl meital turned 17 :) she is almost legal ,
we had to celebrate so we all went to a resturant..

Tunic, Promod (Poland). Tights, Kiryat Gat. Coat, ZARA TRF. Shoes , Charlotte Russe.

the birthday girl :

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what's next? playmobil?

The day after I made the belt I wore it to school.
peoples reaction was divided to two, some thought i lost my mind while others loved it !
Top , My fathers. Cardigan,
Carmel Market. Jeans, Old-navy. Shoes, Keds. Belt . I made it :D. Bag, ALDO.

I bought a new dress from Pull and Bear,
It sort of look like this one:
the length is the same, but the gaps between the stripes are a bit different .
I can erase in from my wishlist :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Teen vogue inspired

It takes forever until all the magzines arrive to Israel ,
yesterday I finally bought Teen Vogue the March issue..
I saw the lego accessories by mark jacobs - and was psyched!
so later on that day when my brothers were playing with their lego I joined them and made my own lego accessories..

A fun day with my wonderful dad..
I had the day off since its purim , so me and my dad went out for breakfast :)
after we ate I dragged my dad to the mall - knowing that he'll by me everthing I'll ask for !
but I saw nothing that i liked!

I wore this :

Shirt, Liz Claiborne. Tight, Kiryat-Gat. Jacket, GoodWill. Heels, Gazith .
my fab shoes :

***I have to say I'm pretty disappointed from ZARA latest collection! the only worthy thing that I saw there was 2 pairs of shoes and 2 bags!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

trying to do it all

Last Tuesday , my friend Gil had a show and she needed a black dress,
so she came over to my house to try some of my black dresses ..
while she changed all of those outfits i got really bored, doing nothing i decided to accessorize one of my dresses - then i asked gil to try it on and to let me take her picture dressesd like this..
after shoting the first outfit i asked her to change to somthing else..
it was so much fun!! - i was like "stand like this" "wear that .." and so on!
i got to style her , to take her pics and to decided where and how!
first outfit :
Dress , ZARA. Tights , Gil owns. Shoes , Gazit. Necklace , michal negrin. bracelets, Diva-India-Odem and Gil's. Purse , Moschino.
Second outfit :
Skirt + Ring + Scarf, my mothers. Shoes, Gazit. bracelets ,Gils-Odem.Earings, Odem.
have a great day!
and do what you enjoy doing :)
loads of love ,
saray habura.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Radioactive brother

It was crazy hair day in my brother kindergarten, my mother dyed his hair green..
and when he came back home she cut his hair,
he looked so funny that i had to take a pic..

Tuesday outfit :

Shirt , Forever 21. Skirt, Heans. Tights, Claires. Scarf, My Grandma's. Coat, ZARA TRF. Shoes, Keds. Shades , Bezalel market.

my socks are from virgin atlantic, the one you get on the flight (lol).

don't tell!

after the success of my party invites my aunt asked me to design one to my cousin birthay..
so i did..

i really like it, it's so young and colorful! it's mot top design.. but it's cute amateur..

i want to make more invites ( anyone's birthday coming up? )! i really enjoyed it, i think i'll start teaching myself photoshop..

i'll throw parties just to make the invitations..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday - slumber party

Purim is almost here, the student council in my school formulated an idea - on monday (today) we are going to have a slumber party, yesterday was hats day.. tommorow is mm something ( i don't really know) and on Wednesday we all dress up - as the tradition.

well, my point is - i wore pyjamas top to school today.

Top , my pj. Jeans, my mothers old levis. Cardigan , Carmel market. Shoes , Keds. Scarf , Poland.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bezalel Market

my dear friend Lee and I decided that we need some new clothes,
but going to the mall like any ordinary girl wasn't what we were looking for, we wanted unique and cheap clothes,
so we gave secondhand stores a chance..
after the second store ,we realized that it wasn't as chap as we thought it'll be.
buying a dress that someone else wore before me ,in the same price as a new dress form zara wasn't that attractive.
we satlled for Bezalel market.. the clothes are cheap, they have brand (old-navy, gap ect.)
and no one wore the clothes before we did.

I ended up buying this high waster skirt for 20 NIS :

those wannabe Ray-Ban Wayfare for 10 NIS :
there was a label on the sunnies that said - club monaco 55$ . Great buy i'll say.
i going to keep those until i buy the real deal.
and this dress for only 20 NIS :

the dress is slightly big but with some alterations it'll be perfect!
Lee bought a ( to die for )plaid shirt , tunic (Old navy) and black wannabe ray ban (each for 10 NIS) .
3.47 NIS = 1$ american

Friday, March 14, 2008

just another Thursday

Day time :
Sweater , TOPSHOP. 'Skirt' ( it's actually a strapless dress ), my mothers. Tights , Claries. Shoes, Keds.

Tee , Heans.

Night time :

Coat, Paris (my mothers ). Top, H&M. Cardigan , ZARA. Tight+Skirt , my mothers. Shoes (NEW ) , Gazit. Neckless, Paula Bianco.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

last week outfits.

Pants, Castro . Tee , F.21. Scarf, my Grandmas. Sweatshirt , my fathers .

Tank top , H&M. Cardigan , ZARA. Jeans , Old Navy. Sunglasses , H&M. Bag , ALDO (NEW :)). Neckless , Paula Bianco ( I got it for my birthday :) thanks Itamar ).

Sweatshirt , my fathers . Skirt, Hanes. Tights , my mothers . Shoes , Keds.

Scarf, my mothers. Coat , ZARA TRF. Skirt, Thailand. Tights, Claires. Boots, Paris. Bag, F.21.