Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what's next? playmobil?

The day after I made the belt I wore it to school.
peoples reaction was divided to two, some thought i lost my mind while others loved it !
Top , My fathers. Cardigan,
Carmel Market. Jeans, Old-navy. Shoes, Keds. Belt . I made it :D. Bag, ALDO.

I bought a new dress from Pull and Bear,
It sort of look like this one:
the length is the same, but the gaps between the stripes are a bit different .
I can erase in from my wishlist :)



omg i love that you took marc jacobs idea and D.I.Y. it looks great and i would have mistakened it for an original M.J. belt!

Tess said...

mm, i dont know
i take that photo from a cool hunter face
the dress is really cool!

Katelin said...

oh love the dress.

Stephanie said...

Ani ohevet et zeh m'od! =]
I bet everyone at school was just jealous!

The Clothes Horse said...

You know you're making a powerful fashion statement when it polarizes people! Some peeps will always be afraid of "different" or new things. I think it rocks.

Secretista said...

diggin' the belt

enc said...

Cool belt, cool outfit, cool dress!

Kira Fashion said...

that belt is really fun!

love it!

a kiss and a hug for you dear ;)


wintourfan said...

Props for making the belt!
Very marc jacobs!

Psyche said...

Love the belt!

Soni said...

Cuuute dress!love the tripes!why don't u take a picture of u wearing the dress?