Saturday, August 30, 2008

21-28/7 -Tobe

those past 5 weeks felt like a dream!

it started by me flying alone -i felt like a grown up for the first time.. i got to Dulles airport in DC and saw my uncle and i suddenly realized that i'm actually in the USA (for the 12 time - but it was a diffrent experience)!

my courses in LIM started in July 28th so i had a week in MD before i had to leave to NY .. I met some old friends and went to my first shopping spree alone -which was very fun , i found out that when I shop by myself I buy stuff that i really really like want and need (well i don't really need..)..

me and my buddy jeff :)

Dress , Vintage. Bag, Dali. Necklaces,Hand me down. Bracelates, the Carmel Market+Claire's

on July 26th i packed my bags and took the bus to NYC, excited and scared i got there!

the awaited day has finally arrived and my courses started!

the first course was the fashion field trip: behind the scenes.. we got to meet a lot of new people and to learn about the industry..

in the first day they took us to tobe - it's a company that works with private labels (like macy's , nordstrom ect.) , they publish reports (it's called tobe report) three times a month and they analyze all the latest collections and all the stuff that are for sell and suggest to the compnies that they work with how to sell it in a better more realistic way..

the woman that we met in Carolyn Moss , she used to be a buyer in Macy's - now she is one of the editors in tobe.. her job is to go to the manufactores then to go to the retailers with the stuff she liked ans the retailers come back to her with all the statistics (what was sold and so on)..

except tobe report they also publish tobe next - that talks about the upcomings trend - now they are talking about spring 10'..

my outfit for the first day :

Dress, ZARA. Bag(NEW!), H&M. Bracelates, Vintage. Shoes, Keds.

in the second day we went to hand me down showroom - i'll tell you about it in the next post..

have a fab day ,
and sorry for not being around xoxo