Sunday, February 17, 2008

my shoes

most of my shoes are here!
check them out!
i hate most of them , but fashion changes constantly so i keep them all!

lets start with the sneakers ..

I was a tomboy in the 7th grade , so i have alot of them ( even basketball shoes (the black ones in the bottom))..

most of them are here.. the only pair that i wear is the green ones in the first line.. the others i use when i hit the gym ( barley happens).

converse is a must !

so cheer for my pink allstar!

ballet shoes!

besides the pink ones , i wear them all!
comfortable and chick!

boots ans staff..

i don't have much to say about these,
i just love them:
definitely my favorite!
i bought them in U.O, my best buy this summer.
salsa shoes and heels from mudd!

flip flops :))

slippers :D

i deny owning those :

have a great day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

in hectic times we need shoes

I'ts been a while since the last time I wrote a post ,
matter of fact a it's been a week and a half.
this post is going to be all about :
shoes shoes shoes

well first , I got to start with those I want,
and then thise i own.

jazz shoes :

i just think they are a must - my keds kind of looks like the white one , but its not the same!
(those shoes are from TOPSHOP )
i was about to buy a pair in gray but they were already sold out =\

daring shoes :

to wear those - you have to have confident!
i find it really easy to combain those with clothes!
there are certain items that if you wear them they make your entire outfit - those shoes definitely make your outfit!
you can wear them with jeans and plain white t' and look fab!

crazy sneakers:

it just spice up your daily appearance!

ankle boots :

how can we talk about shoes without mentioning these season hotest accessory?
just love them!
they kind of mention men shoes - really like that !
just please someone - buy me those shoes!!

sandals :

just adore those sandals - they have a gladiator vibe .
last summer they made a big splash and i think they are going to stay for this summer as well.
(most of them are from U.O.)

Heels :

love the colors!
looks kind of vintage ,
and i think they are going to look great with white socks ( since this summer buzz is heels with socks!)


but i used to want them - until i saw every second girl walking in them!
now I'm actually glad i didn't buy them - i don't know why .
i used to think they are really cute and casual to school!
maybe because i thought casual and i don't want to be casual no more.
anyway - that do you guys think? HOT or NOT?

I way to tierd to upload anothe 30+ pics -so i'll upload my shoes in the next post
here is a little pick :


Sunday, February 3, 2008