Saturday, May 31, 2008

Comic Girl

Skirt ( It's actually a dress ), Used to be my mothers. Top , ZARA. Bangels, India + Diva.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's all about the stripes =]

A normal post after sooo long...
This past weeks I wore some lovely outfits, but after losing my mothers camera battery and ruining my camera ,I had no way to take some photos! so today I told my friend Carmel that she have to take my pics so I can upload them..
and here are the results

Dress, Pull and Bear. Tights, Kiryat Gat. Bag, Dali. Shoes, Keds. Sunglasses , Betzalel Market.
(I had problems uploading my favorite pic! I'll try uploading it later )
I saw my dress on the street walker , this is how she wore it:
Here is the lovely Carmel who had the best day of her life today ( and it wasn't because she took my pics ;) :

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Israeli song - 2008 Eurovision - Ke'ilu Kan (english)

the song that represented Israel :)

Eurovision fashion -If you can call it fashion ;)

The eurovision is always a freak show - every country sends a lunatic singer in hope he will be memorable! and will win the audience votes!
this year it wasn't any different, many lunatic in outrages clothes performed!
Lets check them out:

Spain : That Elvis look doesn't work unless your Elvis!!
Poland : She looks like a beauty contestant, with that horrible dress!
Latvia : well , what can i say..
GO pirates!
(next time save the costume for Halloween or for purim , your call!)
Slovenia: Aliens sent her for once in a lifetime show!

Not everything was bad, some of the songs were lovely and some of the outfits were worthy.. the best dressed singers :
Greece : Great dress , Great color.
the feathers were nice and playful on the stage..

Sweden : great look - diva look.
I can totally see beyonce or maria wearing this in one of thier shows!

I loved this look! that nerdy boy outfit! very chic, I must say.

xoxo - Saray =]

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Independence day

Better late than never...
Congrats Israel - 60 years!
Independence Night :

Shirt , Banana Republic. Skirt , AA. Shoes, TOPSHOP. Socks, Target.

Independence day :
Have a great day,
xoxo Saray :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

My little fashionista niece

Her name is may, she is 4 years old - she got her own unique style - and she is my niece!
she wear designer cloth and you'll never catch wearing jeans! she is something special.. I love this girl...

looking at her pics now she looks a bit like Leighton Meester, don't you think?

aunt Saray :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In or Out?

Skirt, Betzalel Market. Tank ,Heans. Tights, My mothers. Shoes, Keds.
My Aunt flew to MD to visit our family, she came back last week with some goodies :) she bought me this glasses case and wallet (from Forever 21 )which i love!
I gave her some money and asked her to buy me this skirt (fron Forever 21) but she said she couldn't find it :( :
but i'll settle - by buying this skirt from TOPSHOP:

Have a great day, Saray :)