Thursday, March 20, 2008

trying to do it all

Last Tuesday , my friend Gil had a show and she needed a black dress,
so she came over to my house to try some of my black dresses ..
while she changed all of those outfits i got really bored, doing nothing i decided to accessorize one of my dresses - then i asked gil to try it on and to let me take her picture dressesd like this..
after shoting the first outfit i asked her to change to somthing else..
it was so much fun!! - i was like "stand like this" "wear that .." and so on!
i got to style her , to take her pics and to decided where and how!
first outfit :
Dress , ZARA. Tights , Gil owns. Shoes , Gazit. Necklace , michal negrin. bracelets, Diva-India-Odem and Gil's. Purse , Moschino.
Second outfit :
Skirt + Ring + Scarf, my mothers. Shoes, Gazit. bracelets ,Gils-Odem.Earings, Odem.
have a great day!
and do what you enjoy doing :)
loads of love ,
saray habura.


ChiliLady said...

Oh! do you know the Corinne Day-Photographs with Jessica Stam and the giraffe?
you're outfit is much cooler!

MANGO said...

Love the shoes!

Stephanie said...

Woah - that's so cool that you're from Israel! I actually know Hebrew pretty well (I'm Jewish), but Blogger won't let me write in it here so I'll just say: Cool blog! And you're really pretty. =]

AsianCajuns said...

You're a natural-born stylist. Those are great outfits!

Aisha said...

you're a good stylist, Britney should totally hire you :)

addicted said...

love the scarf and moschino bag! fierce!

Romany said...

Omg I adore the black dress! And the ethnic pint is way hot!
The giraffe addition is cute.
I'm really liking your blog...I'm reading over it now. :)

The Clothes Horse said...

How fun. I adore impromptu photo shoots, I wish my friends were as willing to pose.

LML said...

cool outfits! the shoot looks like fun :)

Secretista said...

I lovee the 2nd photo!!

Fred The Mole said...

Hi Saray !

You and your friends are cute girls.
Thankx for comment on Easy fshion
Do you know the name of this WayFarers girl ?

Fred the Mole

millicent said...

sounds like fun, like an impromptu photoshoot while playing dress up =]

Camilla said...

I love you next to that giraffe! haha
The second outfit looks really cool :) You should wear it with a brown leather jacket and some cool sunglasses. I've been looking for a tube skirt just like that!

Tess said...


Poshpalette said...

great great hair!

saray said...

ChiliLady : I had no idea! thanks!

AsianCajuns : This is the best compliment i ever got! thankד alot!!

Fred The Mole : Moran Atias!

thanks alot for commenting and visting my blog!

Mariposa said...

I wish I had a friend like you! =)

Alya said...

those r great styles! And ur friend is so tall she carries the clothes really well :)

fashion-filled said...

I love your clutch from Moschino. It's fantastic.You have a great style

enc said...

Great photos!