Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Radioactive brother

It was crazy hair day in my brother kindergarten, my mother dyed his hair green..
and when he came back home she cut his hair,
he looked so funny that i had to take a pic..

Tuesday outfit :

Shirt , Forever 21. Skirt, Heans. Tights, Claires. Scarf, My Grandma's. Coat, ZARA TRF. Shoes, Keds. Shades , Bezalel market.

my socks are from virgin atlantic, the one you get on the flight (lol).

don't tell!

after the success of my party invites my aunt asked me to design one to my cousin birthay..
so i did..

i really like it, it's so young and colorful! it's mot top design.. but it's cute amateur..

i want to make more invites ( anyone's birthday coming up? )! i really enjoyed it, i think i'll start teaching myself photoshop..

i'll throw parties just to make the invitations..


discothequechic said...

wow, your brother is a marc jacobs in the making!

love your floral scarf, btw.

MANGO said...

Naw , your brother is so cute! he looks a little bit like mine!! :D


enc said...

Really cute brother, really cute invitation!

Constanza pilar Varela said...

beso querida
lindo blagggg

molly said...

love your outfit! very unique

Katelin said...

Love your bro's hair, so fun!

And the invites are adorable, can you design my birthday party invitations too? haha.


omg ur little brother is adorable! and i cant that invitation you designed lookes like something i could buy for 15 dollars! great job :)

The Seeker said...

wow, your brother is so cute ;)
That invitation is great, you draw very well.


The Clothes Horse said...

Cute card. Your brother's hair rocks.

Alegra :) said...

ouch! it's the second time i'm leaving the msg! :s



Londyn said...

What a cutie! He can make green hair the new thing :)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Your borther is so cute, love the green hair.
The red leggings are a great stand out piece!

RINA LEE said...

Yes, I drew them. I understand english but I don't know to speak/write the languge that much. It's so difficult for me ¬¬ I wish I could speak english perfectly.
Your brother is so cute, Your mom did all that to him? Haha, so funny, my mom would kill me if I dye my brother's hair, definetly.
I love your sunglasses, (Raybans lookalike right?) I don't understand, Why do you cover your face? Haha.

Thanks for commenting my blogspot (L).


Oh Thank you ! :)
But how did you found me ? I mean your speak English and everything ! But it's funny to have readers outside the contrey :)

Ediot said...

dig your outfit. your brother is so cute hihi