Wednesday, March 5, 2008


" ?את רוצה ללבוש את החולצה הזאת עם החצאית הזאת"
"?את מתכוונת לצאת ככה לרחוב"
"?את באמת חושבת שהחצאית הזאת מחמיאה לך"
..עכשיו אני מבינה איך יצאתי כזאת ביץ' בגדים
.ושמישהו ינסה להתקרב לארון שלי
"you want to wear this T with this skirt?"
"you inted going out dressed like that?"
"you truly belive this skirt is doing justice with you?"
now i get how i ended up begin such a clothes bitch..
dare you come near my closet.

I'm in the middle of a breakdown, in 1 hour and 28 minutes I'm going to be 17!
I dont think I'm ready.
I mean thats it? 16 was supposed to be the best year ever..


Secretista said...

That's a lot of preasent. Are those preasents? Eh. Nothing happens. Sorry to burst your bubble. I thought turning 18 was a big deal, but you don't feel different. Happy Birthday my dear!

Ediot said...

i love the picture.
congrats on your birthday by the way. hope it was better than you expected it.

saray said...

thanks :)

yes those are preasents :D

my birthday was much better that i expected!!
i have the best friends ever.