Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Outfits and staff

T-shirt , Billabong(my fathers) . Jeans, Old-Navy. Cardigan , the carmel markt (נו שוק הכרמל).
I just love wearing my father T's!!
they are so big and fun , they gives you that oversize look .
you can also wear it as a dress if it's long enuogh , I did it once - and i added a belt on my waist .

knit , Castro (again , my fathers). Gray Cardigan , pull and bear. Black Cardigan , my mothers. Jeans , Old-Navy.

Dress, ZARA . Tights , my mothers . Shoes , Keds.

I'm not a big fan of this outfit, but it was fun wearing that dress..
I make mistakes sometimes.

We were celebrating my father birthday in a restaurant ( sort of ironic since we own a restaurant) ,
afterwards we went bowling. I won with 146 points- I have a proof.. (for all of you skeptical)
i was smart enough to take a picture of the scores :)
this is what i wore :

Shirt , Hanes (my fathers - big surprise) . Tights , my mothers ( another surprise).

I know that my room is a mess it those pics.. but i cleaned him , and changed the location of so many staff in it !

I'll uploads some pics of my new:) room in the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

I love the Zara dress.It makes me think of spring time.

And your brother down there is adorable!Those pictures remind me of the polaroid pictures that models use when they have test shots done.

bronwyn said...

The zara dress is great, and I also love the grey top and jersey. I remember going to the Carmel market and buying some very delicious olives there.

hannah said...

i have never broke 90 bowling. im very impressed.

i love to wear guys clothes. i alway shop in the guys section at old navy, it is better then the girls. and the urbn guys section is wonderful. lovely outfits.


Secretista said...

Wow! I suck at bowling, lol. GOOD JOB!

Zara is my favorite store!!

Lluviaschick said...

cute zara dress... where are u from?

saray said...

thanks :)
I'm from Tel Aviv ,Israel