Friday, January 25, 2008

m.i.a. for marc by marc jacobs

Browsing thru Teen Vogue yesterday , I ran into M.I.A's ad for marc by marc jacobs.
It wasn't the first time I saw this ad , but it sure do was the first time that I've noticed this denim on denim outfit .

I am one of those people who hates this combo,
this is on the top of my 'fashion no no list' .
but after seeing this ad I'm confused.
this pic showed me that everything can look good as long as you accessorize it well and wear it in the right combo.

I'm not going to wear denim on denim , but i think it's out of my 'fashion no no list'..
and i should probably say goodbye to the facebook group : " say no to denim on denim " .

arn't you all confused by this ad?


The Clothes Horse said...

The ads just do not work for me at all. This is not how I see Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I want big hair said...

lol to the facebook group. i love this ad, it somehow makes me smile and im not at all confused, fashion changes constantly.x

Katelin said...

I definitely am not a fan of denim on denim but I kind of like this ad.

MR style said...

i think those ads are really cool ! embody the jacobs spirit even tough it that doesnt look that much sexy and provocative

Wendy said...

I am not extremely fond of these ads but the outfits are really cool.

Charlotte said...

This is M.I.A.??? There's another very good band from Berlin, also called MIA... LOL
But I love this male clothes weared by a woman! It's an outfit, I also would wear!

Love the pictures of the two young ones in your blog...go on, it's cool!

babydiscoapple said...

האחים שלך ככ מתוקים שזה פשוט מקסים!
וזה באמת נורא מזכיר את אא O:

it's a faboulus ad!
kind of a change when it comes to Marc by Marc Jacobs i believe.
a change is always (almost) good (:

Modelizer said...

I really like her styling in the denim but some clothing only looks amazing in photos but fails in real life. I think might be one of those situations.