Saturday, January 12, 2008

neck decoration

i would'nt mind having those necklaces.
i wish we had forever 21 in israel,
they have great accessorize, but i'm not so fond of thier clothes..
H&M also have amazing necklaces!
can't wait till summer.


The Clothes Horse said...

The elephant necklaces are super cute. I find F21 nice in concept and online, but I'm always disappointed whenever I walk into a store.

saray said...

the same thing happen to me, the only diffrence is that i get to go there only in the summer.

hannah said...

i refuse to shop at forever 21, the quality is horrible. the clothes and accessories fall apart real quick. so your not missing much. haha.

but at least you have a topshop! im so so so jealous, i have never been there, and i really like what i see from them.


aschlee said...

well hey I don't have the store near by me either, but those necklaces are super cute!

shriram sharma said...

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