Thursday, January 31, 2008


Pants (NEW!!), Castro . Vest , Mango. T-shirt , Heans.

I saw an ad on-line about some sort of fashion competition ,
to enter you have to upload a picture of you wearing something from mango ,
and then the readers grade your outfit - and a panel of judges choose the best one out of the 10 that the readers rated with the most point.
So i wanted to take a part in this ( the winner gets 1000 NIS for shopping in Mango , and other staff that i don't really care about)
I wanted to sign in so badly , because i truly thought I have a chance to win,
so yesterday i combined something together , took couple of pics ,
and today transferred the photos to my computer.
I was so excited to enter this competition ,
and when i was about to upload my pictures i got a massage that the competition is already closed and we will know who the winner is in a couple of days :(

and on to a completely different thing
I bought some new ankle boots today! :D

i've got those shoes only in black and purple. ( i wish i saw this color in the store - it's pretty nice , don't you think?)

I've got those in black


The Clothes Horse said...

Oh! That's terrible. How unlucky that you are too late.

Grace said...

It's too bad that you missed out on the contest :\ at least you've got some stellar new boots!

Mash said...

that s too bad for the mango competition i feel sorry for you :(

Kira Fashion said...


i didn´t know about your blog before and it´s so amazing!!!!

i am adding you to mine favorites, please, do the same, ok?

i love that ankle boots! is the mango clothes from Penelope cruz?

i love her clothes

a kiss


Daphné said...

Those ankle boots are gorgeous!

lara said...

the outfit is great!! I love the green vest :)!!

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Aw! Your outfit totally has a chance of winning though!
Whered you get your shoes from????


Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Aw! Your outfit totally has a chance of winning though!
Whered you get your shoes from????


Secretista said...

Ankle boots are awesome!!

saray said...

thanks for the great comments !
i really appreciate it!!

<3 kira fashion : sure I'll do the same :) .i'm not sure about the clothes from mango , but i don't think so ..

<3 Patent Shoes && Rants : thanks!! the shoes are from TO GO , it's an israeli company - i usually hate thier staff!

ChiliLady said...

Thanks for commenting on my Kate Moss Stle-blog!
your blog is awesomeness, I really like those shoes, especially the dark ones!

bronwyn said...

Oh no - sorry about the competition, that must have been very annoying. I love your ankleboots, especially the bottom pair:)

Bianca said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Would u like to link?

cinderella said...

aw better luck next time!!
and I LOVE the second pair of boots i am drooling!

ApolloniaFashion said...

I also want it!hahah!
where did u buy the black ankle boots??love them!amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love ya. Love dress. Love all.

Love your blog.