Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eric Daman - TVFU

I really don’t know why it takes me so long to write about the seminars that I took in NYC.. maybe because it's officially over when I post it.

I'm going to start by telling you about my first seminar - it was with Gossip Girl costume designer and creative director for Charlotte Russ, Eric Daman. i got this amazing opportunity to meet and learn from someone that is work i admire. the seminar started by him telling us how he started - he started as a model and discovered that is real passion was to be behind the scene and to actually style the shoot, because he was already in the industry he had some connections and he started getting jobs.. he was lucky enough to work with the amazing Patricia field on the set of sex and the city.. and then to land the job in GG and so many other great project..

After hearing about his path in the industry we go to ask him some questions, we were asked to avoid asking about GG since the event was sponsored by Charlotte Russ , it didn't happen and most of the questions were about internships GG and styling.I wanted to hear his point of view on so called "rules" in fashion, we share the same opinion - there are no rules in fashion, a lot of people seem to think there are rules but there are not.. people should wear what they like and if you think it looks good it's all that matter. you can also tell that rules don't exist by thinking about denim on denim that was a considered as a big no-no and now is a huge trend or by looking at Eric himself , he breaks the " no more than two pieces of jewelry"..

Eric told us a little bit about working on the set of Gossip Girl, about how much he loves to dress Chuck Bass ( because dressing boys is boring but check's character gives him some freedom) , and how he have to create around 200 outfits for every episode. he gets the script a week before the shooting and start creating the outfits with his the winter it's harder because you have to find 200 different coats for every episode!

In regards to his work with Charlotte Russ we got to see behind the scene of the next campaign, we also heard some styling tips and about some trends for the season.. the Charlotte Russ team also brought some clothes that are still not for sale, so it was nice seeing them before everyone else! Eric really proves throw this company that it's not always about how much money you have it's about how you wear and combine your clothes. we all got a beautiful gift from Charlotte Russ, a silver necklace, 3 20% discount cards to Charlotte Russe and a pin with Eric's upcoming book name on it.. and yes Eric Daman wrote a book that is going to be out in a few month, the name of the book is "you know you want" . on the book there are some styling tips and a very important message.

I was sitting from row and admiring every second of this seminar, Daman is such a nice guy that hopefully one day I'll get to work with.


loni said...

זה ממש מגניב ומעניין!
200מעילים לפרק זה חתיכת פרויקט
הוא סיפר אולי כמה קניינים / עוזרים הוא העסיק?
והאם הוא בעצמו הולך ומחפש דברים מיוחדים שנדרשים?

B a la Moda said...

I love that kind of seminars. Specially with costume designers which I truly admire.

B* a la Moda

מורן. said...

ואו זה נשמע פשוט כיף צרוף! אני מקנאה לגמרי והוא נשמע פשוט בנאדם מגניב. נהנתי לקרוא חוויות :)

olivia said...

אני מקנאה בך, הוא נשמע כ"כ מגניב (:

vicen said...

AWARD for your blog:

saray said...

לוני :
הוא לא ציין כמה עוזרים יש לו ולפי מה שהבנתי הוא לא הולך לחנויות בעצמו בד"כ הם שולחים להם את הפריטים

SARA said...

נשמע מגניב ביותר. תחזרי לכתוב בעברית!!!

מיכל♥ג'וש said...

לא ייאמן שפגשת את ה-אריק. נהדר