Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stud it

After finding another pair of cheap Jazz Botties I aloud myself to stud my old pair. I finally did it after a long time of thinking about it and hesitating.. my question now is to leave it like this or to add more studs? my mother thinks it looks good like this but I'm not sure.
The next DIY project I'm working on is a lace skirt and a lace dress, it's not really a DIY project because my mother is helping me , but the idea was mine. I want to make a bandage skirt with the brown lace , and from the bourdeaux lace I'm trying to copy a dress that I saw in Mango. When I bought the fabrics the seller told my mother :" she is good, she should be a fashion designer ". – a fashion happy moment..


Stompface said...

oh gosh i love studs so much.

the colour of those booties is beauty.


chloé mariya said...

great shoes