Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Best Friend Birthday

the Birthday Girl :
the birthday girl aka Carmel is wearing clothes from Zara ,a pair of shoes from a local store with a bag from Heans.
I styled him :=] he is wearing jeans from Levi's, Shoes from Vans, T-shirt from H&M and I don't know where he got his shades and belt..

I'm wearing: Blouse,TOPSHOP. Jeans, Levi's. Bag,a gift from Marroco. Necklace, Michal Negrin. Braceltes, Vintage. Sandals,From my aunt.
BTW - I'm the one with the curls.

Sorry for the lack of posts's just a hectic time.. my last (important) test is this Monday and after that I'll have a lot of free time! Hopefull I'll spent it shopping (in USA) and blogging!
Saray ♥


Jay said...

it looks like you guys had fun{

carmel said...

it was so much funnn
thanks very much on everything!

you rule :P

Tavi said...

Looks like fun, and you guys are all so stylish!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

It looks like she had a wonderful birthday, loved all the pictures thank you for sharing darling!

Anonymous said...

Oh you seem to have fun :)... that's really great!

Ediot said...

you look so stunningly cute. love your outfit as well

Sharon Rose said...

Hi saray, you all look gorgeous and have a fantastic weekend too!

Brandi Stone said...

cute pics! love all of your outfits!

fashionista said...

so cute!!

J e s s i c a said...

i love the shirt with the pink crab on it :)