Monday, June 30, 2008

Great news :)

I'm going to spend my summer vacation in Maryland and New York!!! My flight is in three weeks :) and I'm going to stay there for 5 weeks!!! I was thinking about taking a 2 courses in LIM college in NYC but I don't know what to choose..
My options for the morning courses are :

Each day features a different field trip. You'll visit fashion insiders on their own turf. Buyers, publicists, trend spotters, stylists and manufacturers will give you the scoop on their careers and what it takes to get ahead. (Dress Code: No jeans, flip flops, tank tops, shorts, sneakers or bare midriffs)

Interested in styling celebrities for media, fashion events, and the red carpet? Topics covered will include: borrowing samples, doing fittings, and collaborating with the hair and make-up team.

Find out how trends are tracked to forecast fashion. Learn to gather and analyze the information you need to stay on fashion's cutting edge.

My options for the afternoon courses are :

Discover the world of event planning and its role in fashion. You'll learn what steps are involved in the planning and execution of a fashion industry happening and will have the opportunity to develop an actual event.

Learn how to plan and promote a fashion show. Topics covered will include: concept, music selection, stage design, merchandise selection, styling, model selection, and public relations.

Do hands-on work with mannequins, props and display cases. Learn basic design principles and how to apply them in presenting merchandise to make a fashion statement.

What do you think I should pick?
And do you know any cool places in NYC and MD that I can go to ? this is going to be my 11th time there and I saw every touristic site .. so I'm looking for cool places and stores that the locals go to..

loads of love ,
Saray :)


The Clothes Horse said...

How exciting! I have a lot of family in Maryland and NYC is just plain awesome.

Gabsterr said...

Ohh my godd!
that sounds like so much fun(:
i would love to see how the fashion shows happen.

& i linked youu.


Your blog is so cute---
Thanks for your sweet comments, always xx

Jay said...

you are so lucky, newyork i've never been but hopefully i'll be there soon{ have a good time


Times of Glory said...

How lovely! Have lots of fun in Maryland and New York! Wowwwwwwww, this is shopping season in NYC as well.... that is simply magic!

Tavi said...

Lucky!! I'm sure you'll have a blast.
I would do field trips for the morning and fashion show production for the afternoon, but that's more suiting for my interests. I really don't know what you would enjoy more, but I know you'll have fun no matter what.

Anonymous said...

baby girl, coming to my home town!!! if you like vintage for sure go to beacons closet, its in brooklyn but its def worth it.

A dreamer said...

oh my gosh go do the fashion field trip one! that sounds so awesome!

Danz said...

Oh good for you! The fashion field trip sounds like it would be really interesting! You'd learn a lot, get to see the sights and interact with the people in the business (maybe make some contacts for the future ;)

I also want to thank you for the comment you left, you are very kind :)

Nay'Chelle said...

So exciting! I would go with chooice #1 for morning and choice #3 for afternoon.

kitty kate said...

the field trip one sounds fun...except the dress code! in afternoon i wouldn't choose visual display...i work at a clothing store and changing the mannequins is the absolute worst!

Sharon Rose said...

Wow so very lucky-make the most of your time spent here and these courses all look so very good!!

fash said...

sounds like so much fun!
my day would run like...
morning: field trip
afternoon: planning a fashion show
have an amazing time!

friemol said...

wow have lots of fun :D!
and i would choose celebrity styling and planning a fashion show :) I think, the other things sounds great to haha.

Luna said...

So lucky! I envy you. :)

Would you like to trade links? ^^

coco said...

They all sound good. Maybe production?

Cate said...

hm, i would definitely pcik the "celebrity styling" course. the "fashion field trip" course sounds cool too, but i guess you can't take them both because they're both in the morning, right? as for places you could visit...i've never even been to new york, so i can't help you... hey, why don't you read "shopaholic abroad" by sophie kinsella? the story plays in nyc, and as i've never been there i don't know if the shops that are described there ACTUALLY exist, but it would be nice! ^^

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

that's awesome, i'm happy for you.
wish I could go to NY right now, i'm always upset when I think of all the shopping I'm missing out on.

She's Dressing Up said...

Wow all of your choices sound so much fun! The 1st course sounds very exciting!

CoutureCarrie said...

Very exciting! You are going to have such an amazing time. I did a post a few months ago about cool places in nyc:

Veronica said...

I envy you! NY is the place to be..
Like your blog

The Seeker said...

How exciting... Hope you'll have fun and enjoy your vacations.
Take care.


Te said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun! You're planning an awesome trip and I have to go back to uni in 2 weeks. Jealous! haha. I think Predicting Fashion Trends would be really interesting...

Secretista said...


I almost went to LIM, but my parents were like "go to a real school". WTF IS A REALL SCHOOL ANYWAY?!??!

Cammila said...

What fun! That fashion show production course sounds really fascinating. I can't imagine you could learn the things in that class on your own very easily.

Mo said...

aaaahhhhhhhh. SO JEALOUS. we dont have anything cool like that in australia. they all sound amazing.
wanna link up?
youve been linked sugar.
love LIKE A FOX. xo.

Raggamuffin said...

two words.

GP said...

Hey! Nu har tävlingen på bloggen startat. Va med vettja!

Tävling: Så här i sommartider. Vilken är den bästa presenten du
skulle vilja ge till din bästa vän?
Regler: Det får vara vad som helst, oavsett pris eller kategori.
Vinnare: Vinnaren presenteras fredagen den 11 juli.
Pris: Stylingprodukter från Björn Axén till ett värde av ca 350 SEK
Lycka till =)

Kolla in det!

olivia said...

hi! im going to NYC too, my flight in 30/7 untill 21/9
maybe wiil meet? i will be in broklyin. this is my email
i just love your style.

Vintage Vinyl said...

Wow, that all sounds so interesting! I would choose the first one, the fashion field trips. It would be an experience of a lifetime!

Wendy said...

I think Fashion Field trips would be fun. And then you can do Fashion show production.

Psyche said...

That will be some trip! Have a wonderful time.

enc said...

Congratulations, and how exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it. Don't forget to take your camera!

Anonymous said...

Its really great dear ))) Good luck )))

Anonymous said...

Is this really true??!!? If it is, it sounds like a dream. Thank you for your sweet comment, by the way =) Your blog is great!!

Anonymous said...

those courses sound amazing! lucky you. have you decided which you will choose?
i just wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog! my dinner was delicious, and my boyfriend was delighted by your comment! ha ha.
i will certainly check back to read your blog more often now that i have discovered it through your comment: thank you!

Anonymous said...

אני בניו יורק עוד שבועיים בערך היית שם כבר?
אם היית דברי איתי לגבי מקומות טובים ומקום שאפשר לראות תצוגות אופנה.

saray said...

The Clothes Horse : ohh nice.. our families might be living next to each other :)

Gabsterr : thanks for linking me!! :)

Luna : yes =]

CoutureCarrie : wow thans i'll check it out..

Mo: sure :)

enc : belive me i won't :)

xoxo : yes!! it's souds like a dream, right?

oldoldfashioned: i can't take the field trip cause it's full :( so i think i'll go with the styling and fashion show..

Anonymous : מגניב.. הייתי שם כבר מלאא פעמים! תני לי את המייל שלך ואני אשמח להמליץ לך על מקומות.. ולגבי תצוגות אופנה זה רק בשבוע האופנה - וזה די סיפור להשיג כרטיס.. יש מצב שהמקום שאני אלמד בו יעלה תצוגת אופנה אבל זה לא משהו של

julia. said...

aw, what an awsome picture!

love from sweden,

1234 said...

all the courses sound like a lot of fun! enjoy your trip!

Carolina Lange said...

That is amazing!
I hope you have a great time there!

sam said...

i was just wondering.
is LIM consider a good school?!
i am thinking of parsons or FIT for fashion design or mabybe perhaps fashion merchadnsing.
i really want to do stylist.

but yah if you could help me with those that would be great!!!

sam said...

oh by the way this is my blog.