Thursday, July 30, 2009

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I want to start by saying sorry it took me so long to translate this post. When I wrote it it was so late that I was way too tired to even think about writing it again in English + i barely know the names of the materials in Hebrew so I'm not sure I can translate it, but I'll try.
The materials you'll need is everything in the picture above + some more
-two kinds of beads

- Silver Chain ( i used 1.5 meters) - i got it in a craft store.
- Squashing beads
- The thing in the pictures above – I'm not sure what their name in English but in Hebrew we call them finiteness.

- pliers cut the fishing string to three pieces- each piece should be about 7 cm , than string the beads – two should be with one kind and the third with the other kind. In the end of each piece squash one squashing bead and put a finiteness. You should place the finiteness in a way that the squashing bead is in the finiteness and leave the hook . next step is cutting the silver chain in different lengths. Third and final step is making thee connection between the silver chain and the fishing string with the beads, you connect each part with the hooks , when you put the hook on the chain you should squash it with the pliers so it won't move.

and ta da you got a necklace :

I hope you got the idea from the pictures. If you have any questions please ask.

הסבר בעברית פה

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