Sunday, October 19, 2008

brown tag.

Dress, H&M. Sweater, Castro men(borrowed from my father). Socks, Forever 21. Boots , from some store in Paris (used to be my mothers). Necklace + Bag , Borrowed from my mother.
I got tagged by the lovely Sharon Rose :
Four places I go to over and over
Betzalel Market
Four people who email me regularly
wow no one – I get e-mails from Who What Wear
Teen Vogue
And from School
Four places I would rather be right now
New York – studying fashion and shopping in soho
Four Places where I love to eat
My father's restaurant – Maganda ( best restaurant ever!!!!)
McDonalds in the US
My grandmother house
In my house – I'm a great cook =)
Four people to tag
Four TV shows I watch over and over
Gossip girl
Project Runway
6 feet under
thanks for all the nice comments!
love you all


Fashion Babbler said...

great boots!!!

muchlove said...

cool outfit.
In Australia they show reruns of old Friends episodes every weekday. I love it!

hrose said...

thanks for the comment!
i love those boots. they are so cool.
you have great style!

enc said...

What a great brown ensemble!

Have you noticed that everyone puts NY, London, and Paris in their "Four places I'd rather be" section?

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your brown outfit - the colour suits you so well!

Siljesfashion said...

Love the brown outfit!

Natalie M.P. said...

That is a great combination - the sweater, the dress, the socks..
At first I thought that the sweater is part of the dress!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-you rock in this outfit, I love the boots and socks!!!

NonchalantMod said...

love the long socks!

Anonymous said...

The boots are great! I really love this kind of look...

I sorry for my ignorance, I'm new at the blog scene but what is this tagging thing? I saw it in several blogs but I have no idea how it works

choppyshades said...

love the socks!!

-choppy shades

melmo said...

wow that's you best outfit i think :)
love it

xoxo melmo

saray said...

enc : haha so ture.. fashion weeks places.. I was in Milan and it's really boring if your not there during fashion week - this is why I left it out =)

Toffee : וואי ממ אני אנסה להסביר לך מה זה טאג.. מקווה שתביני

thanks for the comments =)

Dana (MODAna) said...

מגפיים מקסימות
נראה לי שכשהייתי בצבא בפיקוד העורף בקשרי חוץ, היינו לוקחים אורחים מחו"ל למסעדת מגנדה...יכול להיות?

Mimi said...

Love the colors of this look.reminds me to a latte macchiato ☺ and your cute curls are the best!

STEFANIE said...

Brown always looks good :)
Love your tag too ^-^

Anonymous said...

i love the whole look especially those fantastic brown boots.

Miranda said...

i love those over the knees!

maveri_ck<3 said...

wow i love your boots and those high brown tights! love the blog and your style

Bella said...

Great outfit!!! The boots are fantastic! Lucky girl...

gliffyfille said...

<3 the color scheme

DaisyChain said...

I love this!

Lisa said...

cute outfit.


thanks for the sweeeeetness beautiful.

Petra said...

Your socks look great -the brown is so refreshing rather than the usual black.

Your hair is fantstic as well! Thanks for the sweet comment, i hope you've having a wonderful weekend

Wendy said...

This outfit is chic because of the different shades of brown involved.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Help me wish for cold weather (so i can wear the new boots!) yay. And thank you, love, so glad you like them (I make them for you guys to enjoy and use as desktops!!)

xo/ fashion chalet

Elana said...

ooh great thigh-high socks! :)
oh my gosh i have was reading your tags, and i realized i have a lot of the same general answers!
most of my emails are from who what wear, teen voge, and teachers.
My NUMBER ONE place i would rather be is DEFINITELY "new york-studying fashion and shopping in soho"!!
my dad owns a restaraunt!

hahaha great (fashion) minds think alike :D

AusAnna said...

great outfit, pulled it off well. love the sock and boots. :)x

Jennilie said...

Yes I had a lot of fun on those places! :)
Thank you so much :D

Elouise said...

loving your boots!


Aly-gator said...

aw thanks for the tag! i'll do it in my next post. and woww <3 the shades of brown.

Christina said...

lovely outfit!!

Ariella said...

You look absolutely fantastic. I love that long sweater look with the high boots!

Kira Fashion said...

cool socks!

a kiss!!!

Valentine said...

Love the monotony of your outfit! Its so-- edgy yet feminine.. + your boots are LOVE!

Stompface said...

Weeeeeee you look cute as here.
Love the socks and boots.

Oh thanks for tagging me little lady.
I am very behind in tagging. I will have to do a giant tag post soon!

thanks for all your lovely comments too! you are so sweet.

Join the Gossip said...

You always look so comfy, but in a ridiculously adorable way!

Fashion Pariah said...

Wow, another person rocking long socks, you look really cool. And i love six feet under too, nothing quite fills the void of that.

Nina said...

i'd rather be in paris right now, too!

and brown is one of my favorite colors.

stellawantstodie said...

the woman on brown!!
nice outfit!!
i love topshop also...

By the way, my boot are from Zara


makemoremistakes said...

Thanks for the comment lovely!

You look super cute. I love the sweater and socks combo.

Hope you're well!


Michelle said...

You have lovely hair!