Sunday, April 27, 2008


I'm back :)
I was in turkey for a week with my family and friends..we stayed at rixos beldibi..
it was so much fun! we met some people from Germany and alot of turkish guys that worked in the hotel!
and I was crowned as miss rixos :) ( in some silly competition they had.. it was hard getting this title -i had to do a lot of embarrassing staff!) and got a necklace with the hotel symbol yay!
the girls :
Carmel, me, Lee and Maya.

the view from my room :

some random pics i took at the hotel :
the hotels private beach-

my brother, Omri -

My nephew , Itay -

Omri again-
at the waterfools :

the street across the hotel :

i bought some staff :

3 scarfs :
2 levis :

some of my turkish looks :
and those of you who noticed , i've got a new haircut!!
it's so short! but i like it :)


saray :)


1234 said...

nice scarves, and i like that black printed dress!

Charlotte said...

You've got a nice family! I also enjoy the colours of your new staff - it looks so friendly and vernal.

The Seeker said...

What a nice family.
You also bought great stuff, seems you've enjoyed it very much, I'm glad.

you've been tagged, but ignore it if it's annoying :)

Katelin said...

Looks like a fun trip! Beautiful scenery.

Secretista said...

Yay you're back. I wanna go to Turkey!

bronwyn said...

Lovely pics Saray! Thanks for taking us to Turkey with you:)I love the scarves you got, nice and bright.

ellie said...

beautiful and adorable pictures. looks like some very cool stuff you got.

Charlotte said...

You're tagged! I just wanna know some things about you. It's a game, the rules you can find here:

Benedicte said...

Nice view! Like the pictures of clothes and outfits

Sister Libby said...

Turkey looks amazing! And the kids are v. v. cute. I like your blog.

Ediot said...

You look great. and i really like these pictures!
by the way- the dress was one i made last year. thanks a lot for the compliment.

Kira Fashion said...

so beautiful!

i love the scarfs and the back dress and the jeans!
i have one here so alike!!!

your friends and family are so beautiful, that´s nice you had a great time. I am happy for you :)

a kiss
thanks for the posting,

molly said...

wow, the colours of your new scarves are unbelievable! great choices...

Siljesfashion said...

Lovely looks and great pictures of your family.

getting-freaky said...

Nice photo's!!
the stuff you bought is awesome!

Holly_G said...

your brother and nephew are such cuties! sooo lovely! and i LOVE your haircut... i've been willing to cut my hair short since some time. i still cannot decide XD and i want these scarfs so badly! seems like you had great time in turkey... you lucky!

Kira Fashion said...

hi again deAR!

thanks a lor for passing back :)

you are so sweetie ;)

a kiss and a hug,



I know right!? So cute! I love your wayfer sunnies with the neon sides. very cool.

The Clothes Horse said...

Great pictures and congratulations on your title!
As for my photos, I take them myself. I use a timer on my camera and sometimes my tripod though lately I just balance the camera on some nearby item.

Abdullah Gurcan said...

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Thank you very much for your visit.

It's a pleasure to hear that our guests have enjoyed their visit in our Hotels.

We wish to see you again in one of our global properties...

Best Regards,
Abdullah Gurcan
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saray said...

ohh nice site!

atelier said...

lovely yellow levi's. and your brother looks sooo cute;)! it must be an amazing country.

Psyche said...

Great pics, and I love the haircut!

Winn said...

Those scarves are so pretty!