Tuesday, February 2, 2010

different styles

"This is gonna sound weird and maybe I'm totally off my rocker, but I think you dress way differently in Israel then you did in America (even though most of the clothes you're wearing in this picture is from America.) I know most Israelis don't really wear blazers, but for some reason your style here looks much more European while your style in the US was much more Urban Outfitters flowery American.

Just saying. Is this on purpose or a coincidence? "

I'm really glad simona asked me that and decided to answer in the next post! While I was in the US I was in the process of making new friends and getting together with old friends, my style in comparison to their style was way out there so maybe I was trying to fit by being a bit more casual.. I do feel that since I came back to Israel I'm a bit more daring with the way I dress.. but here no one say nothing when I wear my neon tights out with a floral top, while there everybody looked at me as if I was wearing a customs every day.. it helped me understand some of my Israeli friends who say it's hard to dress like that when you are not from the "big city"! only by looking back I can say that – cause nothing was on purpose!! But I still think I was true to my personal style.. When I was there I sent to my mother some photos- after looking at them she said I started dressing like an American teenager. I wonder if any of the other readers notice a change in the way I dress..

מכנס, הייץ' אנד אם. חולצה, הוניגמן ילדים. ג'קט, אורבן אאוטפיטרז. שרשרת , שרלוט רוז. מגפיים, אלדו.
Pants, H&M. Shirt, Honigman. Jacket, Urban outfitters. Necklace, Charlotte Russ. Boots, Aldo.



NewYorkChique said...

I like the cropped jacket!
and yeah, I totally get that your environment influences the way your dress- that happens to me too

Simona said...

Thank you for mentioning me in this post it was so flattering and I'm definitely going to mention it in mine.

I come from New Jersey, which for me is like Ra'anana to Tel Aviv. When I started dressing up, people always used to look at me weird. It's less common for people to look at you that way in New York City, but in general, there is a big difference between the way Americans and Israelis dress. I'm going to talk about it in a future post...

Israelis tend to dress more edgy and more European which is what I noticed immediately when I saw your picture at Dizengoff Center.

Ironically, though, Americans get more dressed up when they go out and those high heels...thank god I don't wear so many of those here in Tel Aviv!

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-hope you've been keeping well my dear!! Love this outfit, very casual chic, the boots and jacket are fab!!


I guess you are the most cool girl from Israel! I do wish to visit your country some day, must be awesome!

kisses my friend :)

Shani said...

אוי, המגפיים האלה הורסים!

BBM said...

glad i stumbled into your blog. i LOVE your style! super adorable and very inspiring! :-)