Thursday, July 24, 2008

so many buys in one day

I'm in MD :D

I got here 3 days ago and yesterday was my first shopping spree!
I bought two bathing suites :

from AA - only in Navy blue..
and another floral bathing suite from old navy..

3 dress :

this one from AA
another one from Bitten - SJP collection for steve and barry's (for only 9$) - strapless in black..
and another black dress from forever 21 - with a lot of ruffels :)

2 flip flops from old navy :
I buy them every year... so omfortable and cheap!

I usually don't post my bra's but I'm inlove with this one that I got in forever 21 : I also found some really cute bangels in Claire's - wooden bangels and silver with red.. and a necklace with stars - chanel inspired..
And I also bought a really cute blouse from forever 21 - the color is cream..

I don't have pics because I forgot my USB at home in Israel- but my friend is coming next week and she is going to bring it with her so I could post everything..

Have a great day, xoxo Saray :)


♥ fashion chalet said...

Great picks. ^_^
Shopping for the Summer is so fun!

Thank you for your comment, I actually just grabbed the first magazine I saw in my room before going outside to take those photos, with Natalie Portman on the cover.. :)

Doll said...

i love one piece bathing suits with quirky cutting. i think they are even sexier than bikinis :P
yours is so cute. adore the color.

fashionista said...

great stuff sweetie..!!

your post makes me want to go to the beach lol ;)

Sharon Rose said...

Great buys and I hope you are having a wonderful time too!!

ofir said...

hey! Those are really great buys. When do you start the fashion cours?
can you tell me where in the carmel market I would find the keds? I wasn't able to find them when I was there last time.
thank you!
enjoy your vacetion.

Psyche said...

Hey. Why waste time? Lol!

I love the cutout suit!

The Clothes Horse said...

I think I know the floral one from Urban that you bought--if I'm right it is gorgeous!

makemoremistakes said...

I love the swimsuit! Can't wait to see youuuu!


Katelin said...

oooh i love the bitten dress, so cute! and i love anything old navy, haha.

Siljesfashion said...

Wow, great shopping! Love the black dress, so versatile. Also love the old navy flip flops, so comfy!

enc said...

Very cute things! I love that bra!

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

my favorite has to be the AA black dress, I love nylon
hope you're having fun!

Sugar Pop said...

hooray for shopping sprees! :)

Anonymous said...

everything is so nice!
i love your baithing suit...
enjoy them! :D

Squishybubble said...

OOO!! Sounds fun!!
i love everything especially the swimsuit!!
XDD Squishybubble

Style Addict said...

you have great style all great pieces.

PAM said...

teeehee :):) bathing suits my love! :) ilove them even though im "flat":):) but i think the one u bought wont do justice to me!

love ur buys nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

old navy flip flops are alywas a great deal! =)

Times of Glory said...

Dear, these are great buys! I totally love the bathing suits and the bra is extremely cute! the colour and the floral is so pretty :)

A la Femme said...

Great pics, I really love that dress. It seems to go with everythng!!

saray said...

thanks for all the comments!

doll: so true!

ofir : I started my courses two days ago... and if you go to the carmel market to the part that there is kind of a speration between the food and the cloth- they have like a little shoe store and they have keds there

Ediot said...

flipflops are so practical&cute! a great buy!

Nicole said...

I adore that AA dress. I have one in white but I want all the other colors too. It has a great cut.

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